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Transportation Enseada (Fortaleza to Jijoca / Round trip)
4×4 Hilux or D20 (Jijoca à Jeri)
4 Tours (Lagoa do Paraíso, Tree of Preguiça, Boulder and Sunset in the Dunes)

Programming Details:

Description of the tour: The group begins to be shipped early in the morning, around 04h00 in the morning. After boarding circuit the car follows state highways, arriving around 09h00 in Jijoca and stopping at point of support for breakfast (not included). After the coffee the group embarks in traction cars (Hilux or D20) to the for crossing of roads of ground and sand, following among the dunes until arriving at Lagoon of the Paradise, being in a restaurant point of support Paradise. In the tent are accepted all credit and debit cards in addition to payment in cash.

In the time to be arranged (13 h aprox.), The group resumes in the cars and heads towards Pedra Furada, passing by one of the known postcards of the region, the Tree of Preguiça, which receives its name due to its shape, which was shaped by the action of the winds leaving it inclined, with the appearance of who is lying enjoying the sea. After the visit to Pedra Furada, the car only comes close to it, the rest of the distance being made in approximately 20 minutes’ walk (1.5 km away). After the hike, everyone gets in the cars, the group follows the village of Jericoacoara to stay the rest of the afternoon and where you will have the opportunity to enjoy one of the most beautiful sunset in Ceará, perhaps in the country.

Around 6 pm the group will meet again, embark on the cars, continue until arriving at the host city, Jijoca de Jericoacoara to exchange cars and return to Fortaleza, where they will be disembarked at their respective embarkation points.


Check-in 01:00 p.m. - Check-out 12:00 p.m.

Breakfast included

Wi-Fi 300Mbps in all areas

Free valet parking