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Beco da Poeira

The Centro de Pequenos Negócios, better known as Beco da Poeira, aims to boost local production through wholesale in order to provoke yet another optimistic reaction of the market, valuing the production of the region.

546 Imperador Avenue, Centro

Maraponga Mart Moda

With 25 years and a privileged infrastructure of 45,000 m², Maraponga Mart Moda is the most complete shopping mall in the North and Northeast of Brazil. With more than 250 stores, here the fashion retailer finds a diversified mix of products and brands of various segments: women’s, men’s, children’s, jeanswear, fitness, beach, intimate, handbags and shoes, glasses, accessories, special sizes, articles for shops and perfumery.

290 Francisco Glicério Street, Maraponga.

Mucuripe Fashion Center

The largest fashion and accessories mall in the José Avelino Polo.
Retail and wholesale stores with the largest variety of the José Avelino Fashion Polo. All with comfort and security for those who sell and who buys, as well as restaurant and snack bars.

Travessa Icó, Downtown.

Centro fashion Fortaleza

Centro Fashion Fortaleza is located in Fortaleza (CE) and is one of the largest popular fashion wholesale centers in the North and Northeast. In all, it has approximately 5,500 thousand boxes, stores and megalojas in which the focus is the wholesale trade of parts, without dispensing the retail.

It receives, on average, 4 thousand people a week from all over the country, especially from states such as Piauí, Pernambuco, Maranhão, Pará, Bahia, Paraíba, Rio Grande do Norte, Amazonas, among others.

With a mix of products ranging from women’s fashion, men’s fashion, beachwear, footwear, children’s fashion, intimate fashion and accessories, Fashion Center always works from 6am in the morning from Wednesdays to noon on Thursdays; 2:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. on Friday night; and 6 am on Saturdays at noon on Sundays.

430 Filomeno Gomes Avenue, Jacarecanga.

Central Market

The Market Today

The Novo Mercado Central began its operations with 559 boxes, 18 bathrooms, distributed in 5 (five) floors, one of them destined for parking.

The area comprised for the administration of ALMEC was 9,690.75 m2, measuring and confronting: to the west, in front, where it measures 174.16m, with Av. Alberto Neponuceno, to the source, bottom, by which it measures 168.00m , with an area of ​​municipal public domain, to the north, right side, where it measures 57.00m, also with property of the municipality of Fortaleza, and to the south, left side, in two straight segments, measuring the first, 9.00m and the second 49.00 m, both confining with the land where the FEBEMCO assistance unit is located, term of grant of the management of the Novo Mercado Central was signed on October 21, 1997 by the mayor, in the case, Dr.Juraci Vieira Magalhães and the president of the Association of Store Owners of Fortaleza – Almec, Mr. Antônio Bezerra de Brito.

Visitors can find in the Central Market: leather goods (sandals, shoes, hats, bags and suitcases), lace and embroidery on clothing and bedding, table and bath, bobbin lace, T-shirts, souvenirs such as mini rafts, jewelery, gold jewelry and decoration articles.

Regional products that enchant the palate of tourists like cachaça, liqueurs, chestnut and cashew nuts, are also, for sale, market. Restaurants offer typical northeastern foods. Stairs, ramps and the lift make it easy for the public to access the upper floors.

Mercado Central de Fortaleza is the largest market in the northeast and our website is another way to celebrate and keep alive the rich history of the Central Market that accompanied and still accompanies the history of Fortaleza. Visit us and become yourself a character in this story.


EMCETUR, Empresa Cearense de Turismo or simply Fortaleza’s Tourism Center, is a great option for those who visit the city and want to buy souvenirs in Terra da Luz. The area is home to an important part of the rich culture and tradition of lacemakers and handicrafts from Ceará. Located on Avenida Senador Pompeu, near the Public Promenade, the place is an alternative for those who want to escape the stocking of the Central Market.

Who knows the history of EMCETUR? Located in the old Public Jail of Fortaleza, the building started in 1850 and was inaugurated only in 1866. It was one of the first to meet the new requirements of the imperial prison legislation. With population growth around the prison and overpopulation cases, it was shut down on January 19, 1967. For years it was discussed what should be done with the building. There were pretensions of turning him into a hospital or simply demolishing him.

With the idealization of Eliezer Teixeira, on January 13, 1971 was officially inaugurated the Center of Tourism of Fortaleza. Where previously there were cells, today they were transformed into boxes of stores, where they are marketed articles of crafts, typical foods and other products typically of Ceará.

EMCETUR’s opening hours are from Monday to Friday, from eight in the morning to six in the afternoon; while on Saturdays it runs until five in the afternoon and noon on Sundays. Parking is ample and free on Saturdays.

Do not miss this touristic spot in Fortaleza!

Handicrafts Fair of Beira Mar

Beira Mar’s Handicraft Fair is more than 26 years old and is one of the best places to buy handicrafts in Fortaleza.

The fair has a great location for tourists, on the beach promenade of Meireles, and offers a wide variety of products. There you will find various chestnuts, dresses, handbags, leather shoes, embroidered fabrics, shirts etc.

Every day, from 6pm, the fair becomes one of the points on the edge of Fortaleza.

Av. Beira Mar, Meireles, Fortaleza – CE


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